Re-using embroidery 'waste' in a creative way (9 tips!)

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Blog re-use embroidery waste tips D. Balfoort embroidery 15Re-using embroidery ‘waste’ in a creative way (9 tips!)

My thoughts on how to re-use my embroidery waste and changing my creative process

Where products are made there is waste…that is the brutal reality and makes me realize that I need to be more responsible and critical when it comes to my own creation process...

Blog re-use embroidery waste tips D. Balfoort embroidery 15

I try to be conscious by reducing my waste at home, separating my carbage, don’t buy fast fashion but mostly secondhand and/or fair niche brands. I am slowly changing my beauty routine into using nature-based products from niche brands. Every step forward sometimes means 3 steps back (I sometimes desperately want/need a trend item from a fast fashion brand/it’s soooo convenient to buy cheaper beauty products at my local drugstore/why is everything wrapped in plastic?? And so on...)

And that is only at home. But I am also a creative person that needs to… well…. create 😊 You can easily be overwhelmed with the feeling that nothing you do seems to help mother Earth. I believe every bit helps in the long run and while I was working on a new embroidery project, a big bag of embroidery waste from a previous project was still waiting for me…

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Time to dig a bit deeper in my own creating/creative process and jot down some helpful tips how I can be more aware and hopefully that will inspire you as well!

1) Design process
My designs start with a collage or mood board, because I love working that way and I am a huge fan of everything paper. That means paper waste and images that didn’t make it. Digital tools are not helping my creative process, but I can be more aware.

Tip one: create an abstract collage with the snippets of paper and combine with other materials you love
Tip two: put the images you will not use this time in a binder for use in a future project
Tip three: browse through the magazines you already have and force yourself not to buy a stack full of fresh magazines every month (I am on a fashion magazine diet and only allow myself the September issue or niche magazines)
Blog re-use embroidery waste tips D. Balfoort embroidery
Blog re-use embroidery waste tips D. Balfoort embroidery magazines
2) Sourcing materials
Such a fuuuunnn part of the process! Don’t you agree? Put me in a store full of beads and other sparkly things and I know I will not leave the place without new stuff for embroidery. Any other store that sells embroidery items is a favorite. The more beads don’t mean better work though 😉

Tip one: make a list beforehand of what things/color/quantity etc. you need. This way you will not get a ‘I want it all’ attack and end up buying way too much items (been there...)
Tip two: what is in your stack already? Can you blend threads or use different materials to get the result? Or create a swap material party with other (in my case) embroiderers?
Tip three: check out thriftshops/markets/marketplace etcetera. These are usually good places to find treasures

Blog re-use embroidery waste tips D. Balfoort embroidery thriftshops

Blog re-use embroidery waste tips D. Balfoort embroidery 11

3) Creating your design
You end up with pieces of embroidery floss/fallen sequins on the floor/yarn/pieces of fabric etcetera. Everything you are using during making. You can throw everything on the floor but here’s a better idea:

Tip one: make things easy and use a trolley on wheels where you keep the materials needed for your project. Put a small container on the trolley and use that as a mini bin for all ‘waste’ When the bin is full, put the content in a zip bag
Tip two: create a new embroidery design and use the materials from the plastic zip bag! I love that it forces me to be creative with limited materials on hand
Tip three: donate all your embroidery waste to schools or community centers, they can use it for workshops etcetera.

Blog re-use embroidery waste tips D. Balfoort embroidery 6
Blog re-use embroidery waste tips D. Balfoort embroidery 12

Well I’m curious what you do with your embroidery waste and love to hear and see if my tips were helpful.

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