My name is Daniëlle Balfoort and I’m an artist and creator of unique hand embroidered pieces. As a little girl I already loved creating magic things with fabrics, yarn and beads like dresses for my dolls. Even now I cannot pass a beautiful fabric or beaded item without touching it and looking how they are made. Reading books was my other love and I could lose myself in a world full of adventures and fairytales.


With a fashion school degree and a media styling diploma from the well-known Artemis styling academy Amsterdam, I worked for some years in the fashion industry. Combined with marketing and finance skills from previous corporate jobs I decided that I want to follow my creative heart and share beautiful things with the world.

Haute couture embroidery

My first steps of this adventure began as I explored the intriguing skills of haute couture embroidery in 2017. I attend a year program of Broderie d`Art at Saskia ter Welle followed by an intensive Goldwork summer course at the famous Royal School of Needlework UK. I’m exploring and learning techniques ever since!

The world of embroidery

My embroidery art is now lifted to the next stage with my embroidery label 'Daniëlle Balfoort'. This is the place where I tell my stories with unique hand embroidered pieces. Each item has a story that I share through blogs, video, newsletters, exhibits and social media. 

Get to know more about the world of embroidery and take a look at my current work