FAQ/Customer Service

What is the delivery time of my order?

I have the embroidered items in the webshop in stock and they will be delivered within 5 working days (NL).

Everything is embroidered by me by hand. If you want a custom-made embroidered item, think of a delivery time of at least 7 days (small item) up to 3-6 months for larger works from A4 size and up.

What are the amounts for the shipping costs?

  • Mailbox shipping within the Netherlands € 3.95
  • Parcel shipment within the Netherlands € 6.95
  • Mailbox shipping Belgium € 9.80
  • Package shipment Belgium € 34.00
  • The rest of the world € 30 (can still change)
  • If you live near Utrecht Centre, Netherlands, please contact me at info@daniellebalfoort.com to pick up your order there for free!

Is everything embroidered by hand?

Yes, I embroider everything by hand using needle, thread and the lunéville hook.

What is the foundation of the embroidery?

That is usually silk organza. I also like to use linen or other natural fabrics as a substrate.

Can I order a customized embroidery piece?

Yes, I would love to make a unique piece for persons or companies. Please contact me per info@daniellebalfoort.com so we can talk about your wishes.


All embroidery is handmade. To enjoy your artwork for a long time I made sure that all beadwork and threads are secured by rubbing a transparent textile glue over the bonded parts so that sequins and beads do not come loose.

However, used materials are from the highest standard, they are fragile and will not be happy; when washed, laying in the sun or water or being touched a lot.

Most work is already framed, and I advise you not to hang the art in direct sunlight as the fabric or silk can fade or discolor.

Accessories like brooches can be worn daily. Please make sure not to display them in full sunlight or wash them.

Do you give embroidery workshops?

Yes I do. All current workshops are found here