What embroidery and spirituality has taught me

Intuitie Magisch Borduren Spirituele Reis Zelfontwikkeling

Magical Embroidery workshop danielle balfoort

What does embroidery actually have to do with spirituality? Nothing at all, right? I often get that question from people because it seems like two different worlds. Not for me, but I understand where the confusion comes from because with embroidery people can imagine what you are doing. Enjoy using your hands to create something with needle and thread. That is clear and concrete.

Although spirituality has become more and more mainstream, it still proves to be an elusive concept as to why I wanted to combine it with embroidery. 'Are you going to do embroidery in a yoga position or something?' or also humor 'Do you meditate your embroidery together?' 😉

Why embroidery and spirituality is a magical combination for me:
In recent years I have become more and more interested in spiritual topics. I always did everything based on reason and only discovered much later that I turned out to be highly sensitive and introverted. Because I had more or less turned off my feelings, I also ignored the signals my body was giving me. The lower back pain, the tingling in my face and neck and vague stomach ache had now become part of me.

After a number of events I knew I didn't want to continue like this. Because I always had a lot of trouble falling asleep (hello, busy head), I first looked for books/articles and products that could help me. For example, I read that yoga and meditation could help me experience more peace and get out of my head. I wanted to try that out. Yoga turned out to be very nice and I fell asleep every time afterwards, so it's a win-win. Meditating was really a matter of practice because all I was thinking about was my to-do lists. I now always use an app with guided meditations or listen to binaural music. (There are many apps, but I use the Meditation Moments app) I always meditate before going to sleep, so I no longer worry and fall asleep completely peacefully. Also great!

Because I slept better, I had much more energy during the day and was able to handle much more. I then also started studying the book * Living and working in the rhythm of the seasons.
This explains very clearly how nature affects us and how we have lost connection with it. Someone recommended this book to me because I wanted to know why I feel very good in the winter months and am much more productive during the dark days. Most people get a lot of energy from spring and summer time.

The book makes clear why autumn and winter are a time of turning inward and reflecting, while spring and summer invite you to focus more outward. Now that I know I'm an introvert, I understand my need to be indoors and have enough alone time to recharge. Then I feel like seeing friends again and going outside.

So I gradually moved from one topic to another and I also wanted to know everything about:

  • How energy works and chakras
  • Gemstones
  • Reading tarot and oracle cards
  • Breathwork and mindset
  • Living with the moon
  • Laying sacred geometry and grids
  • Power animals
  • HumanDesign

All this has given me so many insights about myself and I still learn every day. I now know that I have a passion for needlework, embroidery in particular.

Crystal grid Danielle Balfoort blog

4 Lessons I Learned from Embroidery and Spirituality:

Embroidery makes you feel in the moment:
You pay attention to what you are making and nothing more. Pure focus. There is no room for worries or to-do lists because then all the beads fall to the floor. Meditation also teaches you that: to be in the moment and view your thoughts/concerns as clouds that pass by.

Embroidery teaches you to be patient:
It's okay if you take your time. It doesn't have to be finished immediately within an hour. Hand embroidery is by definition slow, but that's what's great about it. You are very aware of every stitch your hands make. Think of yoga, which is not focused on fast and action but on paying attention to your body. Then you really feel your body consciously and you experience peace.

Embroidery gives you energy:
By embroidering you are in your own world for a while. You free yourself from noise/social media/to-do lists and everyday things. Because I schedule that time and allow myself to do so, I am more resilient and have energy for others, work and all the other things that are part of life. I feel less irritated or stressed. I experience the same thing when I take time to walk in the afternoon. I spend a lot of time embroidering and by giving myself that break, I have my energy back afterwards.

Embroidery is earthy:
And by earthy I mean that you feel good about yourself, you are self-confident and you have the confidence to make choices that are good for you. You cannot achieve this by just remaining inward-looking. Of course, I don't sit on a meditation cushion all day. And in addition to embroidering, I will also have to make plans and steps to achieve goals. By having found the balance in contact with the outside world and time for my inner world, things become much easier, as if it flows better.

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