Sacred Geometry: The spiral, infinite growth and development

Heilige Geometrie Intuitie Magisch Borduren Spirituele Reis tips

Sacred Geometry Spiral
All those sacred geometric shapes are super interesting, but what do they actually mean? Can you also do something with it? I will tell you more in this series of blogs.

First of all, briefly what sacred geometry is:
Centuries ago, ancient civilizations discovered that the world we live in and we ourselves are based on underlying geometry. These symmetrical shapes do not occur by chance. These ancient shapes were seen as the key to the mystery of creation. Instead of words, it is a language of symbols that works with geometric images.

The philosopher Plato was the first to record the existence of the symbols in writing and after which the 'Platonic forms' are named. Circle, square, triangle, tetrahedron (triangle with 4 faces), hexahedron (cube with 6 faces), octahedron (8 faces), dodecahedron (12 faces) and icosahedron (20 faces).

I recently combined the Spiral in an embroidery and it is a nice shape for embroidery. So first in the series: The Spiral
The spiral is one such shape that occurs all around us; and as soon as I started paying attention I saw the shape of course…. Really everywhere! On buildings, doors, at home, you name it. Now the spiral appears as a primary structure for various growth patterns in nature and that is certainly true! As a resident of the city, I am of course less likely to encounter a coiled snake, fossil, shells or a school of fish 😉
Sacred Geometry Spiral
But let's take a closer look: the shape starts in the middle and gets bigger and bigger and bigger. That is also essentially what the spiral is about; any type of personal growth and development in which the form can support you (for example if you are going to lay a crystal grid with the Spiral as a basis)

The Spiral is so intertwined with our being, because think of what our DNA structure looks like, at its simplest you can indeed see the spiral, but if you look at a cross-section of it, you will also see the circle in it, which is about connection and infinity . We also find the shape in galaxies, patterns of storms and the horns of animals.
Sacred Geometry Spiral
I also suddenly had to think about the statement: being in a negative spiral. This also indicates that you are in a downward movement and not a growth-oriented upward movement. Suppose you feel stuck in a situation or thoughts, for example: try the following.

During a meditation, sit or lie down quietly and breathe in and out a few times. Then think of a shell and start in the middle and follow in your mind that the shell is getting bigger and bigger. A nice affirmation could be 'every day I grow because I keep moving and have confidence in my journey'

The spiral is also a beautiful inspiration for my embroidery and the participants of the Magical Embroidery workshop. Would you like to know more about the power of sacred geometry? Then I have an e-book for you, with background about its origins, but also 7 tips (!) on how you can apply sacred geometry in your daily life. Order it here
Sacred Geometry Spiral
Sacred Geometry Spiral
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