Sacred Geometry: The Vesica Piscis

Heilige Geometrie Intuitie Magisch Borduren Vesica Piscis

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Sacred geometry: The Vesica Piscis (Ichtus sign)

First of all, this is such a beautifully recognizable sign within Sacred Geometry: you see two intersecting circles, each of the same size. It is a symbol of balance, rebirth and harmony.

A beautiful and well-known example is that this is used as a sign for a marriage in which the two lovers enter into a connection with each other. You can see the two rings as two individuals that together form a beautiful connection.

If you look at the center where the two circles overlap, there is a Christian symbol shape representing the fish or Christ. You sometimes see the shape on a car. It represents the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world. The name Vesica Piscus comes from Latin and literally means the Bladder of a fish.

Blog Vesica Piscis danielle balfoort embroidery art

The shape in the middle is also called The Mandorla, which is an Italian word for almond/almond-shaped. You often see saints depicted in this form, for example in Christianity. The real magic of the power of the Mandorla is that it represents women's power!

Ichtus is the acronym of the full Greek name of Jesus and if you translate it back to English it means 'fish'.
It is not entirely a coincidence that everything within sacred geometry is connected. There are many messages in the Vesica Piscis that you do not simply see on a conscious level. The subconscious does that for you.

Blog vesica piscis danielle balfoort embroidery art

If you are going to lay or embroider a crystal grid, you can use this pattern if you want to connect with someone or bridge a gap. The form also promotes rebirth and transformation.

Suitable gemstones are:
Rose quartz: the stone of love that heals emotions and opens the heart chakra Read the blog about Rose quartz here

Garnet: gives direction to your energy, self-confidence, perseverance and strength

Aquamarine: supports all forms of communication, releasing old patterns, calms and provides focus

Citrine: stone for happiness, pleasure and brings warmth

If you want to read more about sacred geometry, the following books are recommended:
Crystal Grids Kiera Fogg

Secret Geometry Stephen Skinner

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