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Rock needle magic

Hello nice person with a lot of creativity and magic in you!

I missed a place where you could find tools for more creativity and spirituality in your life. These two topics are a magical combination to help you trust your intuition more and make the choices that suit you in life. I mix that with a healthy dose of humor and a delicious cappuccino or tea.

Here are the three topics that I help you with with passion and love

Ah the magic of gemstones! These treasures from nature are an endless source of inspiration for me. Each crystal has its own energy and can provide just the support you need. They are part of my embroidery, personal crystal grids and Magical Embroidery workshops .

A day without embroidery is a day not lived. Textiles, yarn, beads, sequins are my thing and passion. Embroidery is my medium, preferably by hand. For me, embroidering by hand is like living at a slightly slower pace. I make crystal grids based on sacred geometry , give workshops and develop DIY kits.

Adding a little magic to your day is what I like to do: read my blogs and e-books about spirituality , sign up for the monthly newsletter, give yourself or someone else a workshop or crystal grid gift and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

PS in the future I will also give tarot and oracle card readings and I am developing an Inner Light program for intuitive healing...

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