Mini-Workshop I Magical Embroidery / Zodiac Sign

Embroider your own zodiac sign with crystals

  • morning session 09.00-12.00 or afternoon session 14.00-17.00
  • price: €59 per person
  • incl. all materials
  • maximum 4 - 6 people per session
  • incl. coffee/tea and something tasty

Would you like to try Magical Embroidery first? Which can! During this mini workshop you will be introduced to embroidering gemstones.

This mini workshop is all about your zodiac sign! Which gemstones suit and/or complement you has everything to do with your zodiac sign, but also with your ascendant and moon sign.

In a relaxed setting I will take you into the wonderful world of constellations and the energy of gemstones. After a morning or afternoon you can take your own unique work of art home with you.

If you prefer a whole day, that is also possible. Then take a look at the Magic Embroidery day workshop 

Location: Gruttersdijk 12 - studio 204 I 3514 BG Utrecht

Do you want to attend this workshop with a group of more than 6 people or do you want a different location? Please feel free to send me a message to . I'd love to think along with you!