About Danielle

Hi, I am Daniëlle, also often called Daan.

Embroidery sorceress, cappuccino (with oat milk please) fan, crazy about gemstones, self-development and fluffy sweaters and I live with my loves Jan-Simon and dog Guus in a nice place in Utrecht.

I have a creative background and experience in this field, but I have also had a career in the corporate sector. (yes, I walked across the Zuidas in a suit and heels;)

At some point I started to miss the creative side. In addition, I struggled with my energy and discovered that I am introverted and highly sensitive (hsp). Now embroidery, working with gemstones, and living more with the rhythm of the seasons and nature has become a regular part of my routine and reminds me that my highly developed intuitive side is a great strength.

For many people, spirituality is still something very vague and vague. While creativity is seen as something very earthly. I see the two together as a beautiful combination and I use them as a means to live more from your intuition.

I come from a creative but also practical environment. Spirituality was certainly not part of my upbringing. As a child I always preferred to read fantasy and fairytale books. I clearly inherited my love for textiles from my grandmother and mother.

A few years ago, after a number of events, I felt an increasing need to find out why I was actually here on earth and what I could bring. My spiritual journey had begun and I learn something new every day.

As an embroidery artist, I know how much peace it gives to work with your hands. To get out of your head and create something beautiful based on your feelings. With magical workshops, creative and spiritual products and practical tools, I help you live more from your feelings and discover your creative and spiritual side.

Love Danielle