Workshop I Magical Embroidery Crystal Grid with gemstones

Embroider your own crystal grid with gemstones & crystals

This day is all about intuition and creation! In a relaxed setting you connect an affirmation to your own handmade crystal grid. During this day I will take you into the wonderful world of sacred geometry and the energy of gemstones. You will learn centuries-old embroidery techniques to create your own unique design. A super-organized magical day: a gift to yourself!

As an embroidery artist, I know how much peace it gives to work with your hands. Your attention is focused on one thing and nothing more. How easy can it be. Because you can't think about a thousand other things, you get out of your head and your hands do the work by feeling. I give you tools to create more intuitively (okay with a touch of magic)

Magical Embroidery is a gift to yourself (or someone else) including:

  • All materials (embroidery hoop, unlimited use of gemstones, beads, sequins, threads, fabric)
  • Create something beautiful with your hands in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Knowledge that I share with you about the power of gemstones
  • What are affirmations
  • E-book after participation
  • Delicious vegetarian lunch/coffee/tea/water

Location: Gruttersdijk 12 - studio 204 I 3514 BG Utrecht

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View the nice review from Naomi who participated in the workshop here:

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