My Moon Magic Embroidery Project: Part I

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I have a thing for the moon and stars and everything that is present in our galaxy. That's probably because my zodiac sign is Cancer and that sign is connected to the energy of the moon. But also the mystery that surrounds it and that sometimes you are suddenly surprised by the beauty of a clear sky with twinkling stars! In recent months I have also read a lot about how the cycle of the new moon and the full moon affects us humans (more than you would think).

Ooh I would like to write so much about this (there will definitely be another blog on this subject :) but I would rather share my current embroidery project: starring the Moon.

Fly me to the moon
Moon embroidery project danielle balfoort embroidery art

In between all the smaller projects, I always want to make a large embroidery for a change. Here I can practice different techniques and especially embroidery based on feeling and free-style. (This often gives me new ideas for workshops or products.) Well, with this one we succeeded!

First of all I determined the size (about 22cm) and drew a circle. I then wanted to paint the surface with silk paint so that I can also leave parts free of embroidery. The fabric is made of silk organza and is transparent.

After the paint dried, I applied the Lunéville needle, beads and thread around the outer edge. As you can see, I used a fairly warm color palette of yellow, green and brown/gold. I didn't want the standard blue/purple/white that you might have in mind as colors for a moon.
Moon embroidery project danielle balfoort embroidery art


It is important with embroidery that there is a balance in structures. For example, I alternate beads with yarn and I also look at matte versus gloss and height and depth. With much of what I make, I think in advance about the design, techniques, colors and which materials go where. With this project I mainly embroider based on feeling and I also give myself the time to do this.

Some materials and techniques I used:

  • Leather: These are scraps from an old green skirt that I saved. Filled with felt for more height (in English this is called 'padding') and parts colored with gold marker.
  • Wool: Loops create height and depth, and I love the soft texture it gives!
  • Leftover silk organza: strips are perfect for quickly dyeing with silk paint or a fabric marker. They give a nice effect if you attach it between the other materials and add beads
  • Gemstones: which stones match better than the moonstone? Correct. You see some large moonstone beads and small moonstone beads also called split. The moonstone represents feminine energy and supports the cycle and brings you to your intuition. Very nicely fitting with its cream-colored stone

Moon embroidery project danielle balfoort embroidery art

Beads, sequins and tubes will provide the rest of the detail. I'm not ready for a while. I also show videos on Instagram while I'm working on it and as soon as it's finished I'll let you know!

Would you like to know more about embroidery with gemstones or even better... learn it yourself? Then take a look at the Magic Embroidery workshop!

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