What is a personal crystal grid?

Personal Crystal Grid “I see that you embroider personal crystal grids, but what is that actually?”. I get this question often and I would like to explain more about it in this blog.

I have been delving into sacred geometry for a year now. I had read an article about it and not much later I found a book about laying Crystal Grids where you place gemstones in a shape based on one of the symbols from sacred geometry. For example, this could be the flower of life.

In short: a grid is a kind of grid or shape from sacred geometry to which you add gemstones. (In this blog I explain more about sacred geometry)

Now, when laying a grid, you place the gemstones loosely on the shape and leave them for about a month after you have given them a wish or affirmation. Then you clean everything up again and you can create a new grid.

I found that temporary situation very unfortunate. While it is very beautiful to see crystals together on a surface. What if you make your grid so that you can hang it up and enjoy it for much longer? That fact stuck in my head. Recently, perhaps not coincidentally, I received a question from someone who was looking for a special gift for a newborn child, whether I could help her?

We spoke and I talked about my idea of ​​a hanging embroidery with gemstones. In her case it could be a kind of birth ring with gemstones and then I could add matching gemstones based on the date and time of birth. That's how I started. In between I sent photos of the progress and when she received the work she was super excited! The end result is impressive and the fact that the child's name is embroidered makes it extra personal.

Personal Crystal grid danielle balfoort embroidery

Nice to know: for each work I look at which shape from sacred geometry would suit the person the gift is for. Then, based on the date and time of birth and a card reading, I determine which gemstones I can best add. Then I know how I am going to process the stones and other materials such as beads and sequins.

When the grid is ready, I add an extensive explanation to the package, such as the meaning of someone's name, but also some characteristics about the zodiac sign and which gemstones I have incorporated with an explanation of their effect. Then I wrap it nicely with a personal message.

Personal Crystal grid danielle balfoort embroidery

What a beautiful gift!

After reading this blog, are you thinking: I also want a crystal grid made personally for me! That is of course possible😊

It can be ordered via the webshop or send me a message at info@daniellebalfoort.com with your wishes, name and telephone number so that I can contact you.

PS: It is also a very beautiful and unique gift for a wedding anniversary, anniversary, exam, birthday and even as a memory in the event of death.

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