Gemstone of the month: Rose quartz

Edelstenen Magisch Borduren Rozenkwarts Zelfontwikkeling

Crystal of the month Rose quartz danielle balfoort embroidery Gemstone of the month: Rose quartz

Keywords: self-acceptance – love for yourself and others – shaping creative ideas

If there is one crystal that almost everyone knows or recognizes, it is rose quartz. With its soft light pink color and fine energy, this stone is a favorite for many. I have a rough rose quartz in my studio and a pyramid shape at my altar. When I experience stress or I have no creative ideas, I often grab this crystal. Pink is also one of my favorite colors!

Rose quartz not only makes you look at yourself more gently and with more love, but also at the people around you. It is a perfect stone to stay in touch with yourself and feel safe. I think rose quartz is a real 'heart opener' and it stimulates creativity.

Wearing: you can carry a small tumbled stone with you or as a necklace near your heart. (Rose quartz matches the heart chakra) I also like to hold a gemstone in my hand during meditation.

Rose quartz magical embroidery workshop danielle balfoort

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